Dear Lazyweb: Where was this picture taken?

Dear Lazyweb: Where was this picture taken?

Inscription on back of photograph of USS Goldsborough (DDG-20)

Saturday Oct 27th 1984 We left Hawaii at 10:00 P.M. {???}

Friday Oct 26th We all met at The Pearl Harbor {Officers Club} {???} went To The US [sic] Goldsborough for a {gourmet dinner} guests of Captain Fitz & his Wife — Then were given tour of The ship by Capt. Fitz, Took Polaroid Pictures of every {partner} at The Dinner Table —

Thurs Oct 25th¬†We all were guests of Admiral & Mrs. C[onrad]. J. Rorie {aboard} “The Admiral’s Barge” for Cocktails & Dinner {just before} Sunset as it cruised around The Harbor and to The “Arizona”, sunk at “Pearl Harbor” with 11,00[sic] (Dec 7 1941 By The Japanese) men & Officers aboard. Their Bodies are enshrined There with a Beautiful Memorial {around it}. As C.J.’s Barge motored By, Each Ship Anchored at Pearl Harbor gave Salutes with The Ships Horns Blasting Out A Fond Farewell To C.J. who was Retiring as The Cmdr. of The Naval Base “Pearl Harbor” also the Cmdr of The Naval Surfice[sic] Group Mid Pacific after 30 yrs of Service in The US Navy — Dolly Bellizio, Robt. {George} & Doris George were guests of C.J. & Pat Rorie at the V.I.P Guests Quarters at Barbers Point Hawaii on the Ocean Front. Then after four days we moved to Waikiki and Stayed at The Halikailinie [Hali Kalani?] Hotel on The Beach

This took 45 minutes to transcribe. It is written in badly-faded blue ink on a sheet of stamped foil (wrapping paper?) which is taped to the back of the frame of the photo of the Goldsborough. It was completely illegible in places (marked by [???] and nearly so in others (the words {in braces}).

I’m a total sucker for ephemera like this. There’s always something neat to find out. For instance, in checking that I was reading “C.J. Rorie” correctly, I found this article about the troubles the National Park Service had in convincing the Navy to let them examine the Arizona so it could be properly cared for and interpreted for visitors.